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Renew Life is an award-winning gut health company and number 1 digestive health company in the US. This product is stable at room temperature and provides a strong combination of 12 of the most researched gut friendly bacteria in an acid resistant vegetable capsule. It doesn’t contain any fillers, binders or bulking agents and it is free from GMOs, gluten, soy, milk and other allergens. It is ideal for people with more severe digestive issues or other conditions. Because of its unique formulation, which supports the entire digestive system, but with an emphases on the large intestine, I consider this product one of the most “therapeutic” probiotics on the market.

Renew Life, 80 billion probiotic offers a therapeutic dose of the most researched Colony Forming Units gut friendly bacteria, to include Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG. Because of its potency, you can take one capsule every other day. This will allow your intestine to adjust to new bacteria coming in. You will also spread the cost of your investment over a two months period. This approach is also beneficial for those with a very sensitive digestive system.

Capsules are acid resistant, so you will receive 100% of its content in your intestine, where bacteria will start colonizing.

Best time and modalities to take good quality probiotic, always in the morning and with food, otherwise you can take this product with an empty stomach as well.

Probiotics, along side a good multi vitamins/minerals, plus omega 3s, are the pillars for optimal health and longevity.

Renew Life, 80 billion probiotic is free from preservatives, colourings, bulking agents, GMO, dairies, gluten and soy

2 reviews for 80 billion probiotic, Renew Life, 30s

  1. Cristiano Percoco

    This product helped me to solve my digestive issues. Very grateful for it.

  2. Lauren Scott-Turner (verified owner)

    Love having these as part of a daily routine to help aide my digestion in the morning.

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