Award Winning Probiotic, Renew Life, 50 billion, 30’s


Invite 50 billion of your best friends for breakfast!!

Winner of the Beauty Shortlist and Wellbeing Award 2019, each capsule is resistant to stomach acid, contains 12 of the most researched human bacteria, no artificial ingredients, no allergens, no GMOs. An all-around therapeutic support for your gastro-intestinal tract, immunity, toxins elimination, sleep, brain function and so much more.


This award winning probiotic is one of my favourite, because it contains a “therapeutic” dose of the most studied bacteria.

In fact, 1 capsule contains 50 billion of 12 gut friendly bacteria, which breaks down into:

  • 28 billion of 4 strains of Bifidobacteria
  • 22 billion of 8 strains of Lactobacillus

Take your probiotic always in the morning and always with food, in order to maximize their survival and delivery. Otherwise, you can take this product on an empty stomach as well. The acid resistant capsule will deliver its content directly into the small intestine, where bacteria can start to replicate.

I recommend an award winning probiotic, a multi vitamin and omega 3s, as foundation for optimal health.


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