Bio-Curcumin, BCM-95, Coyne Healthcare, 60’s


Bio-Curcumin® is a patented, clinically proven and synergistic combination of curcumin and Ar-Turmerone, exclusively sourced from the turmeric plant. Bio-Curcumin® has been proven to deliver up to seven times more free and bioactive curcumin into the bloodstream than regular curcumin extracts and it remains active in the body for over eight hours.


Backed by over 68 published studies and more than 15 years of global research, Bio-Curcumin is the most studied curcumin extract available today. Health care practitioners and millions of people across the world trust and recommend this product.

Curcumin, the most active constituent of turmeric, is one of the most powerful botanicals in the world. This product supports a healthy inflammatory and pain response, by modulating inflammation and thus quenching its damaging effects.

Coyne Healthcare has produced this exceptional product combining modern technology and traditional knowledge for best results.


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