Full Spectrum CBD, Curcumin, & more, 60ml


If there is a product you should have in your household, this is it!!

There is nothing like Canacurmin I know of. This is an ultra-potent combination of wild CO2 extracted hemp (naturally containing full spectrum CBDs), plus full spectrum curcuminoids from mycellised and emulsified wild and raw turmeric resins, oil and powder, for best bioavailablity. It also contains ginger oleoresin, mycellised oils of wild oregano and wild rosemary extracts, cold-pressed sesame oil, cinnamon oil, raw yacon syrup, in extra virgin olive oil. An all in one Super Health Tonic!

When I think of this Full Spectrum CBD & Curcumin product called Canacurmin, I think of possibly the most potent anti-inflammatory, analgesic and all around health tonic I know of. There is a mounting research about the benefits of full spectrum CBD & Curcuminoids.

This power house of incredible ingredients is pungent to the taste buds, so if it is unbearable to administer under your tongue, please add to a little water and drink.

There are 208 servings in a 60ml bottle!

North American Herb & Spice is an award winning US supplement company that produces highly superior products. The huge majority of their ingredients are wildly and sustainably picked. This gives to their supplements an incredible nutrients and phytonutrients profile, because they are readily bioavailable. From harvesting to extraction methods, North America Herb & Spice uses the most ethical and perfect procedures. A company I blindly trust!


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