PQQ with CoQ10 BioMax, Coyane 30’s

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Biomax PQQ and MicroActive CoQ10 may help to promote regeneration of new mitochondria, in a process called biogenesis. Mitochondria are the energy powerhouse, where our energy unit, ATP, is produced for the utilization in all biochemical processes of every single body cell.

As we age mitochondria count declines and PQQ may be able to counter this natural process.


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More on PQQ with CoQ10:

Some studies have indicated that PQQ may stimulate neurogenesis, the creation of new neurons in the brain, have anti-inflammatory properties and improve mental cognition.

CoQ10 is ubiquitous in human tissues, although its level is variable. In fact it is more present in organs with high metabolic rates like the heart, kidney and the liver. CoQ10 is a cofactor in the series of redox reactions that synthesize ATP. CoQ10 is therefore essential for the health of all human tissues and organs. Coenzyme Q10 is also one of the most powerful lipid antioxidants, preventing proteins, lipids from DNA damage.

Mature athletes, stressed and busy individuals, people trying to conceive and those on a recovery program from illness may benefit from supplementing with this product.

PQQ with CoQ10 is a super synergistic formula, for advanced results.


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