Protection from Electro-Magnetic Frequencies Single Dot


This single SmartDOT is programmed to re-tune the potentially harmful electromagnetic frequencies coming from wireless devices. This in turn helps us to feel more energised, better focussed and less stressed. Attach a smartDOT to all wireless devices to harmonize electromagnetic radiations directly at its source. You can also add one dot to your child’s mobile, pet’s collar, in your car, onto your water bottle, your bed-side table etc.

Please read my article on the potential health problems linked to EMF and some research here

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Protection from Electro-Magnetic Frequencies emitted by wireless cell phones is possible with this single dot. It is also advisable because EMF may have adverse effects on human health. This is because:

  • Cell phones emit a form of non-ionizing radiation called radio frequency or radio waves from their antennas, which the human body can absorb.
  • The number of operating wireless phones has dramatically increased over the last 10 years. It has been calculated that more than 6 billion subscribers are operating worldwide, which also includes children and adolescents.
  • The amount of Electro-Magnetic Frequencies at any one time has increased. Simply open your Wi-Fi to find out how many different signals your phone receives.
  • The length of time we operate our mobile phones daily has also dramatically increased, due to social media interactions, work and others.
  • Mobile phones emit different quantity of energy depending from the model.
  • Cell phone towers now cover the entire national territory.

Protection from Electro-Magnetic Frequencies can be achieved by placing these single energy dots around your living space. 


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