Copper Bisglycinate, Thorne Research, 60’s


Copper is an essential trace mineral needed for bones and connective tissue, neurological health, melanin production, cardiovascular health, lipid metabolism and more. This form of copper bisglycinate has high bioavailability and absorption. Copper is also essential for formation of Superoxide dismutase (SOD), one of the most potent antioxidants there are.


Because copper and zinc compete with each other for absorption, an individual taking a high amount of zinc (for example, 50 mg daily for an extended time period) can develop a copper deficiency. A copper deficiency can render many cell types, including fat cells and blood cells, more susceptible to oxidation. For this reason, zinc supplementation should be accompanied by copper supplementation.

In a clinical setting, copper supplementation protected red blood cells from oxidation.

Thorne’s Copper Bisglycinate provides an optimally absorbed form of copper.


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