Vitamin D3 10.000iu, Thorne Research, 60’s


Vitamin D3 plays a very important role throughout life, from fetal development to bones health in elderly. It is a fat soluble vitamin and best taken with food in order to enhance its absorption rate.

In addition to supporting healthy bones and muscles, by increasing calcium absorption, it is also important for cardiovascular and brain function and for the health of our immune system.


Scientists consider supplementing with Vitamin D3 10.000iu high dose.

Although direct skin exposure to sunlight provides natural vitamin D3, many individuals may be deficient. These may be the elderly, people with dark skin, people that cover their body with heavy clothing. Also, people living in the Northern Hemisphere and those that have an imbalanced immune system may benefit from supplementation. Vitamin D3 can support, with great benefits, these situations.

Thorne’s Vitamin D3 10.000iu is free from preservatives and other potentially detrimental ingredients.

Vitamin D3 supplementation does depend on your overall medical and health history, including your blood test results.

Individuals named above may consider supplementing with high doses of Vitamin D3.


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