People come into your life for very specific reasons, if you only ask why…

Today I deeply thank with love, happiness, understanding, respect and so much joy every single human being that has crossed my path in life. From my parents, who gave me life, brought me up and thought me incredible life lessons; to my brother, who I shared my childhood and adolescence with, from whom I learned the value of the incredible life energy behind brotherhood and blood relations. Infinite appreciation goes to my amazing and beautiful partner, whose love and determination constantly guides and supports my emotional growth beyond my imagination and fills my heart with so much gratitude, love and passion. I have to immensely thank my truly wonderful daughter, who has been a life master in many occasions, who helped me to find my soul and heal my heart.

A huge “thank you” also goes to all my friends, as they showed me that friendship is a superb privilege that has to be cherished daily. I have to thank the Scouts, which made me appreciate and respect our fragile bond with Mother Nature. I have to thank all my clients, whose trust in me and determination in defeating their disease hugely contributed to my personal and professional growth. I have to thank the guys I spent many years playing volleyball with, who thought me self discipline, commitment and the values around team achievement. With them I shared the joy of cultivating a healthy body and always pushing my limits to the next level. I also have to thank every single girlfriend of mine, for having shared their lives with me and contributed to my transformation from a shy boy to the man of today.

Many other people have impacted on my personal development and created the positive, happy, healthy, emotionally mature, open-minded, loving, conscious and aware human being I am today, but please forgive me though, for it is impossible to name you all.

Moreover, I have to thank myself for never giving up on me, for picking up my wounded mind and body every time I fell in despair, for constantly showing commitment to unrevealing my hidden best and Higher-self. Today I truly feel blessed for having found the most significant and precious thing in my life. I found Me.

Finally, I am going to thank all the other beings, those I haven’t met yet, who are experiencing life somewhere on this planet and who are about to bring invaluable teachings into my future life. I will be honoured meeting You.

With much Love and Gratitude,


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