Your body is your only vehicle through life, take good care of it

what brought you here won't take you there, change is needed to achieve different results

You can achieve what you put your mind to

Your health is the best investment you will ever make

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"It was a real pleasure working with Cristiano. His calmness and deep knowledge was very helpful and reassuring. He was also very patient and encouraging on this journey, keeping me motivated and teaching me how to maintain a healthy lifestyle."
Alicja N.

"The experience I had with Cristiano was amazing, as I felt completely taken care of. I went to him with a complex situation of reflux, insomnia, anxiety and body pain. He helped me dealing with all symptoms using food supplements, exercise, a balanced and targeted diet and lifestyle changes. His passion for health and his empathy towards his clients made easier what initially appeared to be very difficult.

I strongly recommend him!"

"I had been suffering with Crohn’s since 1999, alongside tinnitus, vision and sleep problems, numbness in my feet and hands, extreme fatigue, heart burn, brain fog and being overweight. After seeing Cristiano, I lost weight and all my symptoms disappeared alongside all the markers for inflammation and Chron’s. I have now stopped all the medications and enjoying my new happy and symptoms free life.

I highly recommend him."


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Incredible and super charged porridge

Ingredients 3 tablespoons of dry gluten free porridge oats 10 grs of plant based vanilla protein powder 1 teaspoon of sunflower seeds 1 teaspoon of chia seeds Plant based mylk 1 teaspoon of super greens mix ½ banana Small handful of blueberries Plant based vanilla yogurt ½ teaspoon of powdered …

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Awareness for health

Gluten may cause IBS & auto-immunity

1. An overview The word gluten comes from a Latin word meaning “glue”. Gluten’s adhesive and binding properties give bread and cakes their spongy texture. Gluten is a complex protein structure mainly made up of glutenin and gliadin, which in presence of water becomes elastic.  From an evolutionary point of …

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Becoming your best self

There is no value in judging other people!

1. Humans Judge We judge. We are a society that thrives on judging others. We all do it and most of the time can’t stop doing it, despite our best intentions. We judge everything about others, how they dress, their hair cut, their religious believes, how they speak, their behaviour, …

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2 weeks ago

Nutrition Shift

Remember to do more of what makes you happy. 😃🌞
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4 weeks ago

Nutrition Shift

That's what health at 47 looks like...

Your time, commitment and effort will be rewarded! Healing and growth may only be achieved if you engage into new dietary and lifestyle habits. You will be surprised what your body and mind can do. 💪💥😃
Drop me a message if you have any health related questions or visit my website, link in bio, and DOWLOAD my free e_book on 15 tasty and healthy breakfast ideas plus super charging morning routines to kick start your day in the best way possible.
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2 months ago

Nutrition Shift

Yoga on the balcony, sunshine, sea view, waves sounds, beautiful people. Very privileged.
Health at 47 looks like 😃💪😎💎
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