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"It was a real pleasure working with Cristiano. His calmness and deep knowledge was very helpful and reassuring. He was also very patient and encouraging on this journey, keeping me motivated and teaching me how to maintain a healthy lifestyle."
Alicja N.

"The experience I had with Cristiano was amazing, as I felt completely taken care of. I went to him with a complex situation of reflux, insomnia, anxiety and body pain. He helped me dealing with all symptoms using food supplements, exercise, a balanced and targeted diet and lifestyle changes. His passion for health and his empathy towards his clients made easier what initially appeared to be very difficult.

I strongly recommend him!"

"I had been suffering with Crohn’s since 1999, alongside tinnitus, vision and sleep problems, numbness in my feet and hands, extreme fatigue, heart burn, brain fog and being overweight. After seeing Cristiano, I lost weight and all my symptoms disappeared alongside all the markers for inflammation and Chron’s. I have now stopped all the medications and enjoying my new happy and symptoms free life.

I highly recommend him."


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Italian style barley risotto

Italian Style Barley Risotto, Vegan/Vegetarian

INGREDIENTS DIRECTIONS wash and rinse barley pearls with good quality water add the pearls to a saucepan with boiling filtered water and simmer with the lid on for 30-40 minutes until al-dente in a non-sticky frying pan add a finely chopped medium red onion, two garlic cloves, four or five …

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Awareness for health

Hemp CBD

Hemp CBD and its Health Benefits

Introduction to Hemp CBD Hemp CBD has been recently growing in popularity and is used by many people around the world. CBD may benefit a person’s health in various ways, from regulating stress and mood, to managing pain, fighting inflammation, insomnia and more. Cannabidiol, which what CBD stands for, is a …

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Becoming your best self

Don't judge

Don’t judge. There is no value in judging other people!

1. Humans Judge We judge. We are a society that thrives on judging others. All of us do it and most of the time can’t stop doing it, despite our best intentions. We judge everything about others. How they dress, their hair cut, their religious believes, their behaviour, what they …

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4 days ago

Polycistic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is characterised by sings of androgens excess, like hirsutism and acne, with the presence of weight gain, insulin resistance and dysfunctional menstrual cycle.These landmarks are linked to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and issues around pregnancy.Although orthodox medicine has some answers, studies found that a patient with PCOS may highly benefit from a Nutritional Therapy approach, by implementing dietary and lifestyle changes and supporting the protocol with targeted supplementation.#nutritionshift #PCOS #femalehealth #acne #weightloss #health #happiness #longevity ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

* 16 minutes stationary bicycle max tension.* 7 miles* 105 caloriesThats my cardio!Then I have done my usual routine of weights, yoga and different movement and stretching techniques. 🚴‍♂️🏋️‍♀️🤸Feeling great! 😃#nutritionshift #health #happiness #longevity ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Hi Everyone! Please check out this space in the very next future for my next E-BOOK on how to reset and detox your digestive system. This is the result of 10 years of successful clinical practice.The e-book is based on 10 days meal planning, gut friendly recipes, easy to follow cooking instructions, plus detailed shopping list, few simple, but key supplements, motivational quotes and so much more for the best education you can get!Within the package you will also have the opportunity to speak to me directly for a one-to-one consultation, to fine tune the program to your own individual case.You will also be part of a dedicated FB group, where you can share your journey to the best you, with like minded people on the same path and where I can coach you through the program! You won't be disappointed!! I guarantee you!! The e-book will take you through a journey of self discovery, healing, rejuvenation and regained vitality and happiness.THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU IF YOU:• Feel constantly tired or tired after food.• Have body pain, including migraines and headaches.• Are bloated and experience uncomfortable flatulence. • Are constipated.• Have unresolved digestive issues.• Want to lose weight.• Are looking for a low glycaemic load diet.• Have tried to lose weight, lost some, but reached a plateau and cannot shift anymore weight.• Want to cleanse your digestive system. • Want to reboot your immune system.• Want to have more vitality.• Have skin conditions. • Suffer with brain fog.• Want to perform a full body detox.• Need a structure around food intake.• Want to know how to eliminate meat from your plate.• Want to understand how to balance meals macronutrients content (fat-proteins-carbs). • Want to take your cooking skill to the next level.• Need new ideas for truly nourishing, healthy, yummy and easy to make meals.• Want to set the foundations for a happier, healthier and longer life. So, hang in there the solution to your problem is coming soon!!#nutritionshift #guthealth #IBS #health #happiness #longevity #obesity #weightloss #fatigue #vitality #immunity #Constipation #detox ... See MoreSee Less
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