Your consultation explained

Thank you for your interest in Nutritional Therapy, I very much appreciate your time and I respect the fact you are looking for a solution to your problem/s.

I combine the latest research findings in Nutritional and Lifestyle Science alongside Motivational Coaching, so you can achieve your goals safely and effectively. We can schedule a preliminary chat, to find out if I am the right fit for your case, completely free of charge. If you would like that, just fill in the contact form, link in the main menu bar. If we are then both happy to work together, we can meet face to face in my clinic in Bournemouth, or over video calls if travelling is an issue.

Three consultations are considered the norm for simple cases. I anyway suggest a minimum of five consultations for clients with a complex clinical profile, involving autoimmunity, obesity, moderate to severe depression, cancer, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, sub-clinical hypothyroidism, to name just few.

Return for your investment

What you will receive in return for your financial investment is my full commitment to your health, happiness and longevity. You will receive the best education, support, guidance, inspiration and accountability, but more specifically:

  • A comprehensive present and past health and medical screening.
  • Examination of your dietary intake.
  • Evaluation of your lifestyle habits.
  • Development of a tailored nutritional and lifestyle programme, based on scientific data, to suit your needs and health goals.
  • Monitoring of your BMI, waist to hip ratio, skin fold in some clients, and wherever possible.
  • On-going 10% discount on supplements from my website:
  • Meal recipes and planning.
  • Message and email support.
  • Many years of clinical experience, supplements knowledge and continuing professional development studies.
  • Insured and member of BANT, CNHC, NTEC.
  • Motivation and accountability coaching for some individuals.
  • Functional testing may be suggested in more complex cases.

First Consultation:

Prior to our first appointment you will kindly need to complete a health and medical questionnaire, which also includes a three days food and symptom diary. 

After this preliminary examination, we will discuss the most appropriate nutrition and lifestyle program that most safely and effectively may facilitate achievement of your health goals. Targeted supplementation may also be recommended in some individuals.


Follow-up consultations are necessary to re-tailor or deepen the original plan, to deal with other health issues and symptoms present and to support any new arising condition.

You will not be left alone on your journey. We will work together as a team, which means you can contact me via email in between consultations for any burning questions or if you need to share new insights. I will also reach out to you, in order to check-in on your progresses. I want you to succeed in pursuing your objectives!

Last thought

The journey to self discovery and healing may be short for many, but long and insidious for others. So, the best day to take care your your health was yesterday, but you have today, make the most out of it!

Here to serve you, whichever your health concerns!