pearl of happiness

Pearls for happiness

5 Pearls for Happiness

Be compassionate!

Compassion isn’t just about helping the world or feeling fulfilled. It’s simply the right thing to do for you and other people. It allows you to understand the world around you  and may also transform your life. Remember, everyone is fighting their own battle, so, if you have more give more, be a compassionate human.

Connections with other people, find your tribe.

Find and build new connections and create practice of happiness, joy, growth, support and peace together. We are all here on this planet in a united goal, with one another as ONE big collective consciousness. This goal is to grow and evolve our species. We can learn from others and others can learn from us and together we will thrive.

Be aware and live consciously.

Be aware of your “chatter box”, that constant voice in your head talking to you all the time. It could be your best friend or your worse enemy! Learn to consciously listen to it and truly hear what it is trying to talk to you about. It may show you the path you need to follow or may keep you stuck in misery. Discard in your life what creates a negative and frustrating internal conversation and embrace anything that uplifts and inspires you.

Live in the moment.

Now is all we have! Your future will become what you create NOW! Enjoy the moment, do what makes you happy, NOW. Now is the most important time of your life, cherish it and find joy in it! Disconnect from the daily “rat race”, from the social noise that doesn’t serve the most beautiful life you can experience. Live your life fully, and give your energy to what you really need and want NOW.

Change is where growth is.

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten. Humans do not like change, because it makes us uncomfortable, but growth is always outside your comfort zone. Do more of what makes you uncomfortable, perhaps due to social conditioning, which has indoctrinate you to think what’s right or wrong. Learn a new skill, travel by yourself, take a cooking course, talk to a stranger, see a counsellor, take a different route to work, read a “self help” book, quit a job that doesn’t fulfil you, you got the message. Also, be the change you want to see in this world, we need more of that!

I hope that these five Pearls for Happiness will contribute to a better you. If you need more help to elevate your mood, please check this led lamp, which could be an amazing tool to lift your mood over the winter months.

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