Nootropic Brain Herbal Blend, Fushi, 60’s

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Nootropics are a compounds that increases mental functions including memory, motivation, concentration, and attention. This innovative unique blend was designed to power the mind and support cognition throughout the day.

This Nootropic Brain Herbal Blend contains:

KSM-66 Ashwagandha, contains the highest concentration (5% concentration of Whitanolides). Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen that may contribute to stress management, feeling calm, but awake.

Gotu Kola, is an Ayurvedic herb, that practitioners use as brain tonic, because it may promote memory, concentration and clarity.

Matcha green tea powder, contains L-theanine, which may stimulate production of alpha brain waves. Our body naturally produces alpha brain waves during meditation, so your mind is balanced.

Organic Seagreens, natural source of Iodine crucial nutrient for normal thyroid function, which controls all aspects of human metabolism.

Korean Ginseng, is another adaptogen, which may promote mental alertness.

Avena Sativa is the young shoots of the oat plant and excellent source of brin nourishing nutrients.

Bacopa may enhance memory, help manage cognitive decline and relieve anxiety.


This Nootropic Brain Herbal Blend is ideal for the stress and intensity of modern life. This product is for: students, the elderlies and anyone requiring mental focus, concentration, memory and more brain power.


1 review for Nootropic Brain Herbal Blend, Fushi, 60’s

  1. ian Marlowe (verified owner)

    The hormone injections I’m on has caused serious brain fog. This supplement has really helped that.

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