ATP Synthesis, Researched Nutritionals, 150’s


Possibly the most comprehensive energy support supplements, which also contributes to the health of mitochondrial membranes. This product will be perfect for those who need to sustain very high metabolic rate and energy production as seen in professional athletes for example.

It may also be used during or after high stress levels or a disease like ME, where mitochondria have possibly been damaged and need to be repaired.

ATP Synthesis is crucial for all our bodily functions, ultimate performance and survival.
The NT Factor® Energy portion of this product is our unique phospholipid (i.e. choline, serine and other lipids) delivery system. It nurtures the body’s mitochondrial membrane repair process, promoting healthy mitochondrial function and healthier oxidative stress levels. The Krebs Energy Foundation™ features stabilized NADH and CoQ10 to maximize cellular energy levels.
This product contains the best ingredients for ATP synthesis
Take 10 caps per day for the first 2 months: take 5 caps during breakfast and 5 caps during lunch or dinner; take 5 caps during breakfast at month 3 and beyond.


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