Digestive Enzymes Ultra, Pure Encapsulation, 90’s


A broad-spectrum digestive enzymes formula, providing enzymes that are involved with the digestion of all macronutrients, carbs, fats and proteins. This product also contains lactase for digestion of lactose and a couple of cellulose breaking down enzymes, which are great for vegans and vegetarians, or people transiting into a vegan diet. This product may also be for people with IBS, because some indigestible cellulose rich food may irritate the gut lining and exacerbate symptoms.

A Digestive Enzymes Ultra efficient product may help people experiencing fatigue, constipation, burping, flatulence, IBS. Stressed out people, those eating on the go or having late night dinners may want to consider this product too, because of a slow digestion.

If you suffers with IBS type of symptoms, I invite you to read my very detailed article on IBS here.  I am explaining in great details all you need to know about IBS.


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