Organic Reishi Mushroom Extract, Kiki Health, 60’s


From 100% fruiting bodies, dual extract beta-glucan rich polysaccharides. Ganoderma Lucidum, aka Reishi mushroom’s legendary potency is mainly manifested by two groups of bio-active compounds: polysaccharides and triterpenes. The Reishi mushrooms are sustainably harvested wood substrate (Duanwood).

Organic Reishi Mushroom Extract: 

Reishi is also recognised for its effects on memory. Multiple studies indicate that it can improve this function, especially in the face of cognitive decline(7, 8).

Reishi is probably the most important medicinal mushroom on the planet. Traditional use consider Reishi as ‘The Mushroom of Immortality’ and ‘The Mushroom of Spiritual Potency’. Modern science highly regards this mushroom for its strong effects on the immune function and general anti-aging qualities. This is because it is rich in incredible nutrients. 

Multiple studies found that Reishi has also positive effects on memory and brain function, especially in the face of cognitive decline(7, 8).

Reishi mushroom is an adaptogen- a natural substance that may help the body adapt to stress. Reishi mushroom improves brain function through the way it balances the hormonal system. By balancing those chemical messengers, our bodies will keep feeling good and energized even during mentally and physically stressful times.

I personally also use Reishi to aid management of allergies.


Ingredients: 100% Organic Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) Mushroom Extract from fruiting bodies (400mg).

Shell Capsule: Hypromellose


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