Advanced Multi Strain, Bio-Kult, 30’s


Bio-Kult is a scientifically developed, advanced multi-strain formulation containing 14 live friendly bacteria, to target different parts of the digestive system to include small and large intestine.


This Advanced Multi Strain formula offers incredible benefits for the whole family. Bio-Kult delivers the friendly bacteria directly into the small intestine. It survives stomach acid and you can take it along side antibiotics, but leave at least 2 hours apart. It can also be a good travelling companion.

The large variety of the beneficial bacteria within this Advanced Multi Strain probiotic product gives it an extraordinary international reputation.

I recommend probiotics in my clinical practice in the attempt to regulate bowel motility and function, improve immunity, sleep, mood and brain activity.

You do not need to take a probiotic everyday, but please bear in mind that many dietary and life style factors are detrimental for the survival of our gut microbiome. They include alcohol, medications, antibiotics, stress, chlorinated and fluoridated water, pesticides in food, lack of fibre and more. So, every now and then, even if you are a healthy individual, it is recommended to improve diversity and count of gut micro-organisms.


How and when to take supplemental gut friendly bacteria?


Always in the morning and always with food


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