Bone Renewal, Pure Synergy, 150’s


Pure Synergy developed its exclusive formula for Bone Renewal using plant-based, bio-organic ingredients. These ingredients partner with your body’s natural ability to maintain the health of your bones.

Your bones are the strongest at around 30 years of age, after that they may begin to weaken. Failing to maintain healthy bone mass could result in being more prone to fractures. Healthy bones will replace 10% of their mass annually.


This is possibly the Best Bone Renewal Product because:

  • Supports mobility, bone density, growth & strength as you age, because it has highly bioavailable, plant-based calcium, natural magnesium & 72 trace minerals
  • It also contains Vitamin D3 & Vitamin K for optimal calcium absorption & bone health
  • Added support from our exclusive bone-building botanical extracts
  • Non-GMO, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free
  • Contains highly absorbable, plant-based, bio-organic ingredients
  • Features an exclusive botanical blend
  • For healthy bones in all stages of life

I highly recommend this product!



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