Wild Alaskan Fish Oil, Peak 1000mg EPA-DHA, 60’s

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Our wild Alaskan fish oil is produced from wild Pollock caught in US waters. We then purify and gently concentrate the oil up to 85% Omega-3 to provide a Peak dose in every capsule. Every batch is tested safe from harmful contaminants: mercury,
PCBs, heavy metals, and radiation.



One capsule of wild Alaskan fish oil normally provides: 1060mg of omega 3 (EPA 750mg – DHA 250mg – Other omegas 60mg). It also contains vitamin E, for quality preservation.

Omega 3s may support cardio-vascular health, brain and nervous system function, healthy skin and vision, regulate inflammatory response and so much more.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 1 softgel daily during a meal, but not at the end. This may prevent the slight fishy taste.

1 review for Wild Alaskan Fish Oil, Peak 1000mg EPA-DHA, 60’s

  1. Lauren Scott-Turner (verified owner)

    So happy to find a wild source of these important omegas. I know I am unbalanced with my omega state so hoping this will help a lot. Thank you for fast delivery too!

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