Best Immune Defense Trilogy This Winter, Reloaded


The nutrients within these three products are the very best Mother Nature has to offer for what concerns supporting our immune defense mechanisms. These products I use myself or I have suggested to my clients with wonderful results.


Within this Best Immune Defense Trilogy you are really going to receive a super potent and comprehensive package. Their use may promote a strong immune system during this winter, plus benefit other aspects of your wellbeing.

  • These three products combine prebiotics and probiotics to support intestinal health. This is very important because 70% of your immune system resides in your gut, within the Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue. So digestive health for strong immunity is paramount.
  • There are also omega 3, vitamin A, C and D, plus zinc, selenium and copper, in this package, key nutrients to support immune system function.
  • And lastly a staggering display of the best ingredients known for their immune support activity. These are medicinal mushrooms, garlic, echinacea, propolis, elderberry, andrographis, ginger, astragalus, olive leave and so much more.

These products are also available individually.

This is definitely your Best Immune Defense Trilogy!


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