Black Seed Oil, North American Herb & Spice


Black seed oil is one of nature’s wonders, containing plant sterols, polyphenols & phytochemicals, including thymoquinone & others. It is also high in vitamin E, omega 6 and 9. North American Herb & Spice black seed oil 240ml is produced from high quality black cumin seeds, from crops wildly grown and sustainably harvested in pristine areas of the Mediterranean region. The seeds are hand picked and cold pressed, which results in an unrivalled potency and taste.

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Black Seed Oil may have potential health benefits for what concerns cardiovascular and immune system health.

North American Herb and Spice only uses 100% organically grown, wildly picked and harvested Black Seed Oil. Because it grows on pristine high altitudes of the Mediterranean region, it has a superior phytonutrients profile and biological activity.

Because of the presence of natural bitters, like terpenes, this product may support digestive health.



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