Trilogy for Constipation, Improve your Game!


Unfortunately, constipation doesn’t just mean you are a bit slow. Building up of toxins and other waste bio-products in the colon is linked to cancer of the breast. Hormonal imbalances, headaches, and bad breath may also be a consequence. Due to dry and hard to pass stools, a person may develop painful hemorrhoids too.

Prescription medication for constipation fails in nearly 60% of patients and almost half report not being satisfied with their treatment.

Constipation causes 63.000 hospital admissions and more than one million GP visits in the UK every year! Causes of constipation are many to include: physical blockage, like a tumor; lack of fibre, as a consequence of Western-like-diet; dehydration; aging; chronic stress; imbalanced gut flora; lack of key nutrients, like magnesium; gut inflammation, due to food allergies or sensitivities and so much more.


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