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Are mobile phones radio frequencies safe?

1. What are mobile phones radio frequency waves?

Mobile Phones Radio Frequencies energy is a type of electromagnetic radiation, which can be categorized into two different types: non-ionizing (low frequency: cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, laptops) and ionizing (high frequency: x-rays, cosmic rays). Radiofrequency is all measured in hertz (Hz), which indicates how many times a wave changes direction every second (wave cycle).

Therefore 1 Hz equals to one wave cycle every second, whereas 1 mega Hz (MHz) is
1,000,000 wave cycles per second.

Few examples of radiofrequency waves:

  • AM radio 1 MHz
  • FM radio 100 MHz
  • Mobile phones 800-2200 MHz
  • Microwave ovens approx. 2450 MHz
  • X-rays, over 1,000,000 MHz

2. There are few reasons of concern around wireless cell phones that may have an adverse effect on human health:

  • Cell phones emit a form of non-ionizing radiation called radiofrequency or radio waves from their antennas, which the human body can absorb.
  • The number of operating wireless phones has dramatically increased over the last 10 years. It has been calculated that more than 6 billion subscribers are operating worldwide, which also includes children and adolescents.
  • The amount of mobile phones traffic at any one time has increased, which means we are constantly exposed to several radio frequencies from all the mobile phones around us. Simply open your Wi-Fi to find out how many different signals your phone is receiving.
  • The length of time we operate our mobile phones daily has also dramatically increased, due to social media interactions, work and others.
  • Mobile phones emit a different quantity of energy depending from the model.
  • Cell phone towers now cover the entire national territory.

3. How radio frequencies affect our body?

The main concern of mobile use is that it is held onto the head or carried in direct contact with the body and radiations can penetrate up to 8cm into it. Once these waves penetrate the body, they will make molecules move fast, which creates friction and heat and this may be a reason for tissue damage.


Scientists know that exposure to ionizing frequency of x-rays may increase the risk of developing cancer. For what concerns non-ionizing waves the link to cancer is still inconclusive. Although, few studies have found some correlations of cell phone use and certain cancers of the ear and other parts of the head. The American Cancer Society agrees on the association between radiofrequency and cancer risk, but also that the evidence is not strong enough to be considered causal. Other governmental and non-governmental agencies have also concluded that there is no direct causal link between cell phone use and cancer.

One of these agencies is the WHO, which in 2011 commissioned a study to the “International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)” to find out more about the possibility that non-ionizing radiofrequency from cell phones can increase the risk for cancer. 31 scientists taking part in this study, examined hundreds of articles and concluded that these radio waves are possible carcinogens to humans and were classified as a 2B carcinogen.

The director of IARC, Christopher Wild, concluded the study saying: “Given the potential consequences for public health of this classification and findings, it is important that additional research is conducted into the long term, heavy use of mobile phones. Pending the availability of such information, it is important to take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure, such as hands-free devices or texting.”

Erectile dysfunction and male fertility

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a frequent issue affecting 50% of the male adult population over the age of 40, which is mainly a consequence of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. In 2013, though, a study published in the Central European Journal of Urology, examined 20 men with ED and compared them with men with no problems in this area.

After all examinations, researchers found that there was a significant association between the duration of mobile phone usage, alongside carrying the switched-on phone and ED. They concluded that “there may be a correlation between cell phone usage and erectile function”. Other studies also found potential adverse effects of radio frequencies from mobile phones with decreased testosterone levels and semen count, including poor sperm morphology and motility.

This could be the result of increased production of free radicals as a consequence of radiofrequency exposure. Free radicals may well have the ability to cause cell death, damage DNA structure, therefore increasing the chances for carcinogenesis.

Nervous System

The effects of radiation on the nervous system were firstly reported during 1950s. Radiofrequency waves, in fact, affect the central nervous system, the blood-brain barrier, brain histology and chemistry. This is more so for children and adolescents, whose nervous system and brain are still developing and growing. Studies have also found issues with the firing rate of neurons, and altered Ca 2+ binding ability to the nerve cells’ surface during radiofrequency exposure.

The list goes on and on about the possible side effects of mobile phone use I am afraid, which may also include epilepsy, headaches, sleep disturbances, cataracts, fatigue, poor memory and concentration, pacemaker disruption etc.

4. To conclude

Although mobile phones radio waves are in the low-intensity range, many studies have reported the serious adverse effect on human health. This is also because your body is regulated by very sensitive, complex and truly wonderful electromagnetic processes, which mobile phones’ radio frequencies can interfere and disrupt.

5. So, what can we do?

  • Use earphones, whenever possible or the loudspeaker, so the phone is not in direct contact with your head.
  • Use protective shields or radiofrequency neutralizing devices like these harmonizing Energydots (please see below for reference on how they work). You can apply one of these to yours and your child’s phone, laptops, your bedside table or in your car. These dots can protect even your pets, by applying one dot to their collar. You may also want to look into this harmonizing EnergyDots in your bedroom, to support better sleep, clear the mind, improved focus and energy.
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend using your mobile phone.
  • Decrease phone calls duration.
  • If you are pregnant, I would not recommend having your phone or laptop sitting on your abdomen.
  • Switch off your Wi-Fi router at night and ask your neighbours to do the same. Share the knowledge.
  • I personally display one of these Shungite Pyramids in my bedroom to protect me against EMF radiation. It also provides a powerful positive influence to its environment. I have also added Shungite rocks to my water filter jar and to my Flaska water bottle. You can read more on how this special bottle restructures the water you drink here.
  • Keep your phone away from your bed while at sleep and definitely do not leave it under your pillow.
  • If you use your mobile phone as an alarm o’clock, which doesn’t work if the phone is switched off, put it on flight mode.
  • Use a cordless phone indoors to make calls instead of a cell phone whenever possible.
  • Keep your device away from central organs and head.
  • Spend time in untouched nature.
  • Read a book instead of internet pages. Once finished, recycle it by gifting someone with it.
  • Please, drastically limit children’s mobile phone use.

6. Final words

In a world of instant virtual connections, we have become disconnected with the self and others. We have lost the pleasure to spend time in nature, to read a book, to switch the mind off and relax. Life happens “up”, not “down”.

Next time you are with your partner at the restaurant, put your phone away, don’t use it. Engage into each other’s energy and moods, sharing ideas and talking about your dreams. Play with your children and give them a bit of your physical time, literally, they will love you forever.

So, put your phone down, it is time to rediscover what the world is all about.

Author: Cristiano Percoco, BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy

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